Social Media Toolkit

Vanderbilt Public Event for Social Media Promotion

Vanderbilt University Medical Center's Social Media Team is happy to share information in social media channels (such as Facebook and Twitter) about community events hosted by VUMC or in which the medical center has a significant role. To submit information for consideration, please complete the form below.

Name of submitter

Email address of submitter

Event title

Series title (optional)

Type of event    Other
Location (exact address)

Cost, if any



Brief description, including enticing details

(food, giveaways, special guest, entertainment )
Link to web page with more information and/or registration

Whose event is this?

Other (please describe)

If applicable, who are the partnering organizations?

Goal of sharing in social media (check all that apply)
Drive event attendance
Support clinical volume need
Raise money for VUMC
Raise money for community partner
Show support for community partner
Faculty involvement (e.g., serving on organization board or event committee)

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